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What are the Benefits of Marijuana Concentrates?

Marijuana concentrates offer health benefits which could improve your lifestyle. If you want to enjoy these perks soon, learn more and shop at our store!

Marijuana products are becoming a mainstream demand in several countries, especially the United States and Canada, where the substance has been legalized. This development has significant implications for the medicinal and recreational use of cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD. Many healthcare providers have integrated these compounds into their professional practice, and millions of people have been consuming them for instant gratification. If one day you want to relax and seek relief from typical health issues, this might be worth your trust, too.

But just like other products sold in the grocery or pharmacy, there are also wide varieties of marijuana extracts that you can choose from. Each has unique properties and potencies, but they are all made to suit specific needs. One of the widely-sought products today is the marijuana concentrate. Have you learned about this one yet? Once you know how this substance could improve your lifestyle, you surely wouldn't want to miss having it as part of your health regimen. If you're excited about that, you must first understand the benefits of marijuana concentrates covered in this article.

What is a Marijuana Concentrate?

It's another variety of marijuana extract containing highly potent THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which usually appears like honey or butter. This product is perfect for people seeking extra-strong psychoactive effects due to its 40-80% THC content. The substance can be up to four times more potent than high-grade or top-shelf cannabis, which generally contains around 20% THC levels. Suppose that's exactly what you're looking for. In that case, you can shop for marijuana concentrates in local weed dispensaries or online stores where they are sold in various forms, such as vaporizer cartridges, edibles, and balms.

If you're wondering how cannabis concentrates are produced, it's done through a distillation process. This involves distilling the essential parts of the hemp plant, especially trichomes where the cannabinoids and terpenes thrive inside. The smooth and golden-hued concentrate is gathered during this chemical extraction, containing the highly potent THC. When consumed, it can kick your ass real hard that you might get couch-locked or experience uncomfortable effects which would subside over time.

Different Types of Marijuana Concentrates

Concentrates are an ultra-concentrated form of cannabis extract but not just a single form. You'll find many types of these products as you explore the weed market. While they are all produced by separating resin from the flower to have maximum cannabinoids as possible, your experience with one type may be different from another. To make the right choice, here is the relevant information about the different marijuana concentrates available in many weed dispensaries today:

  • Budder

Some cannabis users also call it wax. It's because this concentrate is naturally softer, oiler, and denser than most waxes. This extract is produced at a higher temperature and has a unique texture due to a chemical process. Budder is also characterized by its rich terpenes compared with other hash oil extraction but has fewer cannabinoids.

  • Shatter

This is a very common cannabis extract you can purchase at almost any local weed shop. Its popularity among consumers can be attributed to its purest and highly potent THC contents, ranging up to 80%. On the appearance, this weed concentrate looks like hard candy or a colored piece of glass. While it doesn't have a different taste and is not easy to work with, you can use this product in several ways.

  • Crumble

It's considered a brittle version of budder. This marijuana concentrate is made on a low heat to enable the evaporation of the solvent, which eventually becomes the byproduct. In contrast, budder is produced using a high temperature and through a whipping, a certain kind of chemical extraction process. The difference between the two is that the crumble retains full flavor after the procedure.

  • Crystalline

Among all forms of cannabis, this marijuana extract is claimed to be the purest. Its THC or CBD is extracted and isolated from all other cannabinoids, which give it pure isolate crystals. The product doesn't have flavor, color, or aroma but can have 99.9% pure THC content. You can avail of this item from any marijuana dispensary.

  • Sugar Wax

Like shatter, this cannabis concentrate is also made using a butane extraction process. Its primary source is the weed strain that contains water which can render ideal results. The product looks like brown sugar with a shiny, slightly sticky, and crumbly appearance. Notably, butane sugar products are rarely uniform and usually have light yellow to amber in color.

  • THC Oil

Perhaps you've encountered this cannabis variety since it's a common name for oil concentrates rich in THC. This naturally extracted or BHO hash oil can produce intoxicating effects and can be consumed in several other forms, such as capsule, tincture, and vaporizer. These oil varieties are available in many local and online weed dispensaries today. You might also want to learn what is butane hash oil or what hash oil is used to achieve ideal results.

How to Consume Marijuana Concentrates

Buying marijuana concentrate to take advantage of its health benefits is just one thing. How you consume this product is another, as it can make or break your whole experience. You must choose a delivery method based on what will work best for you. There are several options for using this cannabis extract, including dabbing, the most common method for concentrated items, vaping, oral ingestion, topical application, and more. This section will teach you how a specific delivery method can satisfy your needs and what to expect as you get hands-on.

  • Dabbing Marijuana Concentrates

Not only is dabbing the most common delivery method for marijuana concentrates, but also the best way to experience the extract with fast-acting and highly potent effects. This method involves heating the dab rig or nail and then applying the substance directly onto the surface until it becomes an inhalable vapor. In a matter of minutes, you'll enjoy THC's psychoactive effects. But interestingly, you can also dab high-CBD concentrates, which offer some therapeutic benefits.

  • Vaping Marijuana Concentrates

Many users would prefer to vape these products for a discreet and portable way of consuming cannabis concentrates. Like dabbing, this delivery method also guarantees a quick onset time of effects. You can use a vape pen that can be operated easily and allows you to get high on the go. But sure, you may also try desktop vaporizers if that is the best choice. Just make sure you control how long you draw from the device because that determines the dosage or how potent the marijuana or BHO concentrate could be.

  • Eating Marijuana Concentrates

We're not talking about the original form of marijuana concentrates here, but rather the several edibles infused with the substance. Some of the popular varieties include gummies, baked goods, and beverages. These are a top preference among people who want long-lasting effects. Edibles are best known to offer psychoactive effects lasting for 8 hours or even longer. However, you would typically wait for 45-60 minutes before the effects could start kicking in. Be careful not to overindulge in any delicious treat to avoid having an unpleasant experience.

  • Applying Marijuana Concentrates on Skin

Now topical and transdermal weed products have been made with BHO or hash oil as the primary ingredient. You can apply the substance directly to your skin or the area where you feel pain or inflammation. Unlike other delivery methods, this one won't necessarily make you feel high but could offer relief to certain joint, nerve, or skin problems. But choosing the product that's appropriate to your condition is very important - read the labels first.

Potential Benefits of Marijuana Concentrates

Marijuana concentrates generally contain higher THC, a psychoactive compound that produces euphoric effects. These are the main reasons many people use the products - to satisfy their recreational needs. But that's not the only thing THC can do for your mind and body. According to scientific studies and reviews, the substance may provide relief for the following (but not limited to) health conditions:

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Depression

  • Poor appetite

  • Nausea

  • Migraine

  • Pain

  • Inflammation

If you're planning to use marijuana concentrates for medical purposes, we suggest you consult your doctor first. It would be best if you got proper advice or a prescription to ensure that the substance won't aggravate your condition. Proper assessment should be made, and you might also need a medical card to access cannabis supplies in your state.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, many researchers and scientists are continuously experimenting and studying the potential of cannabinoids in preventing and treating certain medical conditions. There's also anecdotal evidence supporting the initial claims, as many people have experienced relief from using these products.

However, this article does not substitute professional advice or published studies on the properties of marijuana. It would be best to weigh the risks of using the substance because there are also possible side effects, significantly when misused. Here's a relevant study that may shed light on your questions.

How to Dose Marijuana Concentrates

Proper dosing is crucial when you consume cannabis concentrates, given the higher THC levels of these products. Your tolerance level should serve as the baseline no matter what delivery method. You might have to experiment with a smaller amount until you identify your sweet spot. But do note that a tolerance build-up would occur as you regularly use the substance. Taking a break in between your schedule could reset your tolerance level.

Remember that the dosage that works for you is unique, which might not be the same for other users. Several factors are at play, such as your age, weight, and metabolism. But you can always check the prescribed dosing guidelines on the product labels to have a valid reference. You are basically in control of how much THC you take in a given time, so ensure you're staying within a tolerable range. It's also essential that you choose the delivery method that's appropriate to your goals of using cannabis concentrates.

Helpful Tips when Buying and Using Concentrates

Want a maximum value for your purchase? That's possible if you buy the right cannabis product and enjoy the best experience possible. But how do you exactly achieve that goal? If you're a first-time user, a few things should be considered as you explore your choices and consume any marijuana concentrate. Here's a checklist of what you should pay attention to:

  • Shop at a Reputable Weed Dispensary

Buying cannabis products is easy, but the question is, are you buying at a reputable store? This precedes all other considerations when looking for the best marijuana concentrates. It would be best to find a seller that guarantees premium products at a reasonable cost. But if you're clueless about that, don't just pick anything you can find. Take enough time to explore your choices and scrutinize their reputation in the industry. Your chosen company should have best practices and provide an ideal experience for all consumers.

  • Choose the Product Based on Your Needs

For what purpose will you be using marijuana concentrates? This should be clear at the very beginning. It can either be a medical or a recreational need you're trying to satisfy. And surely, there's exactly a product that best suits your needs. It takes prudence to spot the BHO or hash oil with ideal THC or CBD contents. If you have no idea about any product or brand in the market, consider doing some research. Other customers may also help you narrow your choices, or you may ask the budtender for proper guidance. Try our Illicit Gardens Concentrates for the best experience.

  • Observe Proper Dosing at All Times

You can consume all marijuana concentrates that you want, but then you might not be able to handle the effects of overdosing. The importance of staying within your tolerance level can never be understated. This can be made by observing how your body reacts as you take the substance. Always start low and slow if you're still adjusting to THC from hash oil or BHO. Once you're already used to it, you can gradually increase the dosage based on your needs. Remember that proper dosing also differs according to the delivery method, so you might as well be particular with that.

  • Read Product Reviews to Learn More

Never assume that you know everything about marijuana concentrates or hash oil because there's much more to learn. The trends in the cannabis industry are constantly changing, and new scientific discoveries about the substance are also coming out now and then. As a smart consumer, it pays to keep yourself abreast with the recent updates about these products. What most consumers say about specific marijuana concentrates may offer some guidance in making the best pick.


Is the marijuana concentrate safe to consume?

Yes, when you consume marijuana concentrates responsibly, you have nothing to worry about. The only danger that may come from this substance is when you overdose on it. Since it can be highly potent due to higher THC levels, you should always observe how it affects your mind and body. You should know what's enough and stay within your tolerance level. It's the proper dosage that guarantees a desirable experience with this substance.

Will THC from concentrates appear on a drug test?

It depends on the amount of THC in your body. Once there's enough substance, and the drug testing device detects it, that will appear in your results. If you're worried about getting positive and possible consequences, you should refrain from using the substance weeks before the test. You might as well consult your doctor about that.

What's the best delivery method for concentrates?

There is no single delivery method that works for everyone. You have to determine which one you're most comfortable with. Some factors to consider here are the onset time, duration of effects, and the convenience of consuming the substance. If you want to try each one - well, that's possible. If there are some constraints, draw some insights from the experience of other marijuana users like you.

Where can I buy marijuana concentrates?

Many local and online weed dispensaries are selling marijuana concentrates like hash oil. But as already emphasized, you have to find a reputable provider. One of the trusted companies today is Illicit Gardens which offers a wide variety of cannabis products. You can browse our online shop and enjoy our best offers. Click this link to view Illicit Gardens Marijuana Products.

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