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  • Josh Heinrichs is a Reggae musician who has been writing, playing and singing for the past two decades. From the moment he heard his father play, he knew music was his passion. Growing up, Josh had an appreciation and admiration for the craft that his father practiced. After seeing how powerful the message behind music could be, Josh was determined to make an impact on the world with the power of music.


    Josh says “Music has allowed me to express myself in a way that I cannot do in any other way, especially when it comes to spreading my beliefs on peace, love, rights, and of course, the rights of cannabis users all over the world. In my 20+ years of being a professional musician, I have been lucky enough to tour around the world and have shared my music with thousands of people. With cannabis as an integral part of my songwriting process and performances, I believe strongly in the rights of cannabis users and advocate for its acceptance in society.” 


    Josh has been lucky enough to travel the world performing and judging for cannabis events like the Hawaiian Islands Cannabis Cup for Rosin Selections. When he is not performing, he loves to spend quality time with his wife and kids soaking up the beautiful weather, and watching the skies for UFO's while consuming mass amounts of cannabis.


    As Josh continues to move forward in his career in the coming years, his main goal is to continue to jam out and have fun while doing what he loves most –  sharing music with the world.


    He has one piece of advice for any aspiring musician and that is this: “I would tell any musician just starting out to believe in themselves, stay true to themselves and never give up on their dreams. No one is going to believe in them more than they believe in themselves and that's the only way to success.”

    View Josh's website here

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  • Jehry Robinson is an ambitious and passionate musician who began honing his craft at the age of 5. Since then, he has worked tirelessly to create an incomparable body of music. Jehry credits getting a karaoke machine when he was younger for his desire to become a professional musician and has never looked back. His music career is based on hard work and a dedication to pushing himself to higher heights. The motivating factor behind all that he does is the power to connect and bring people together through music. Jehry's favorite artist is Jay-Z, and he hopes one day to be able to collaborate with him. His goals for 2023 are global domination of the charts and to revolutionize how things are done and change the world.


    When it comes to consuming cannabis, he finds that it helps him to be creative in the studio, focus on his tasks and have relaxing effects. Cannabis is a major contributor to Jehry's music career and the journey he has taken on as an artist. He consumes cannabis 3-4 times a week and finds it helpful when creating music and focusing on his tasks. Cannabis assists him creatively by calming him and enabling him to focus on his work.  When he's not in the studio, Jehry enjoys investing in and building new ideas and learning the art of business.

    Check out his website here

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  • Kasey Rausch is a fifth-generation musician and songwriter who has been playing music since the age of 8 and professionally since 15. What inspires her to write and play are the unique communication form of music and the healing power of the energy it produces. A firm believer in the power of music, she is passionate about helping people feel understood and being a part of the full circle of giving and receiving between musician and audience. Kasey has worked on multiple projects over the years, such as The Country Duo (who have toured nationally), a local and recording quartet called Kasey & The Pines, and with a 5 piece classic country cover band called The Naughty Pines. 


    With goals for 2023 focused on studio time for her original songs and short out-of-town tours for The Country Duo, Kasey gives advice to new musicians to experience and not wait until it's perfect as well as to find a supportive community and be authentically themselves. Outside of music, she enjoys hiking wooded trails, taking multi-night backpacking trips, cooking healthy meals for people, and reading books. Kasey is a daily cannabis consumer for sleep support, chronic pain, frequent migraines, mental health (PTSD and anxiety) and creative output. Her preferred consumption methods include smoking her own joints, packing a pipe, pre-rolled joints, concentrates and edibles.

    Check out her website here

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