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  • Blue Dream originates from the combination of Blueberry and Haze strains, crafting a harmonious blend suitable for both recreational and medicinal purposes due to its distinctive terpene profile. The effects of Blue Dream are well-balanced, delivering a

    blend of physical relaxation and mental invigoration without leaning too heavily towards either end of the spectrum. Its THC potency is significant yet not overwhelming, making it accessible to both beginner and those more seasoned.

    One of Blue Dream's standout characteristics is its capacity to instill a tranquil state alongside mental clarity. Users often describe a relaxed yet focused mindset, rendering it beneficial for individuals seeking relief from stress and anxiety without feeling excessively sedated. This clarity of mind frequently sparks creativity and motivation, appealing particularly to artists and professionals in need of inspiration.

    Alongside its cognitive effects, Blue Dream also imparts a gentle physical relaxation that eases tension throughout the body. Its subtle body high effectively alleviates muscle pain and discomfort without inducing the heavy sedation associated with indica strains. Users commonly experience stress relief, improved mood, pain management, and increased appetite as notable effects of Blue Dream.

  • Blueberry x Haze

  • D.J. Short

  • Blueberry, Fruity, Herbal, Sweet,



Blue Dream

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