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Best Indica Weed Strains 2023

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What are Indica Cannabis Strains?

Indica cannabis strains are one of the primary cannabis types, alongside Sativa and hybrid cannabis strains. Indica strains provide relaxing and sedative side effects that are ideal for a full-body high; in turn, they are fantastic for relieving pain, insomnia, and anxiety.

Historians believe Indica plants originated in the Hindu Kush area in the Himalayas. Since then, cultivators have bred and grown Indica strains worldwide, making them some of the most popular types of cannabis. You can consume Indica through edibles—such as THC gummies—or you can smoke it.

Indica cannabis strains have broader leaves with a bushier, shorter appearance that’s darker than Sativa plants. Likewise, Indica strains have a flowering period of 8-12 weeks, which is less than most Sativa strains.

Why are Indica Strains Popular?

Indica cannabis strains are popular due to their excellent medicinal benefits. Here are some of the main reasons they’re so popular:

  • Relaxation: Indica cannabis strains offer calming and sedative side effects, making them extremely popular for anyone seeking anxiety, stress, and insomnia relief.

  • Easy cultivation: People have used Indica cannabis strains for centuries because they’re simple to grow.

  • Medicinal properties: Indica cannabis strains have various medicinal benefits—including pain relief, muscle relaxation, and anti-inflammatory properties.


What are the Best Strains of Indica?

Indica cannabis side effects differ depending on the dosage, individual, and consumption method. That said, the best Indica strains typically provide relaxing side effects because of the high CBD content.

Here are some of the top Indica strains:

1. KC Kush

KC Kush flower nuggets from Illicit
KC Kush flower nuggets from Illicit

KC Kush is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain combining Stardawg x Kosher Dawg. Users report relief from depression, anxiety reduction, and better sleep due to the high CBD content. As such, KC Kush weed came first at the 2010 and 2011 High Times Cannabis Cups.

In addition, KC Kush weed is superb for calming aches and pains—especially if you’re battling chronic pain. If you’re seeking a powerful aromatic experience, the notes of earth and pine in the KC Kush strain won’t disappoint.

2. Strawberry Float

Strawberry Float weed strain from Illicit
Strawberry Float weed strain from Illicit

Strawberry Float is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain combining Afghani x Michigan Soda (Reported) x Cookies & Cream IX3. The strain is fantastic for boosting creativity, increasing euphoria, and helping you to feel uplifted.

Moreover, many users compare the strain to a smoothie because of its sweet aroma with hints of strawberry. If you’re looking for more relaxation and less anxiety, the Strawberry Float strain is outstanding.

3. Purple Chem

Purple Chem weed strain from Illicit
Purple Chem weed strain from Illicit

Purple Chem, also called Purple Chemdawg, is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain combining Stardawg x Purple Punch. The strain is fantastic for increasing euphoria and happiness while reducing anxiety.

In addition, The Purple Chem strain has herbal and spicy flavors alongside hints of grape and diesel. The Cali Connection cannabis breed has won numerous awards, including first place at the 2016 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup and the 2016 Michigan Cannabis Cup.


4. Power Sherb

Power Sherb weed strain from Illicit
Power Sherb weed strain from Illicit

Power Sherb is an Indica-dominant strain combining Sherb x Cookies & Cream IX3. The strain is fantastic for anyone seeking pain relief, improved sleep habits, maximum creative thoughts, and feelings of euphoria.

Similarly, the strain has delicious flavors with hints of pine, spice, herbs, citrus, and diesel. Users also report relief from depression and anxiety, making it a good strain for improving mental well-being.

5. Peach Crescendo

Peach Crescendo Weed Flower from Illicit
Peach Crescendo Weed Flower from Illicit

The Peach Crescendo strain is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain combining Chem D x i95 x Mandarin Cookies x Peach Ring. If you’re seeking a better appetite, uplifting thoughts, and general feelings of relaxation, Peach Crescendo is an excellent strain for you.

Do you have a preference for sweet aromas? If so, the Peach Crescendo strain is perfect because it offers citrus, sweet, and tropical flavors alongside its sweet aroma.

6. Chemdog OG

Chemdog OG weed strain from Illicit
Chemdog OG weed strain from Illicit

Chemdog OG, commonly called OG Chem strain and Chemdawg strain, is an Indica-dominant strain combining OG Kush x Chemdawg. The strain is fantastic for managing depression and stress due to its high CBD levels.

Likewise, the chem dog strain offers excellent side effects, including boosted creativity, increased happiness, and more focus. With its diesel, pine, and chemical flavors, the Chemdawg strain also provides a powerful taste and aroma.

7. Biscotti

Biscotti indica weed strain from Illicit
Biscotti indica weed strain from Illicit

The Biscotti weed strain is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain combining Gelato #25 x Girl Scout Cookies x South Florida OG. The Biscotti strain is perfect for a cerebral high that gives you a creative head buzz and maximum creativity.

Users report the strain as having a sweet, buttery aroma that provides a bitter taste that’s similar to coffee. However, the scent also offers sweet hints of fruit. Medical cannabis patients report a superb body high that relieves anxiety and depression when using the Biscotti strain.

8. GMO Cookies

Illicit GMO Cookies Flower Nuggets
Illicit GMO Cookies flower nuggets

GMO Cookies strain is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain combining Girl Scout Cookies x Chemdog. One of the most popular effects is anxiety reduction because the GMO strain has Indica-dominance, leaving your entire body feeling sedated.

In addition, many users detail the flavor of the GMO strain as unusual due to its overwhelming taste of coffee mixed with the earthy and diesel flavors.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stronger Indica or Sativa?

Indica and Sativa cannabis are two of the most popular cannabis plants, offering different effects on the mind and body. That said, the strength of the strain depends on various factors, such as your tolerance levels and the strain’s potency.

As a result, a strain's strength is highly subjective and varies from person to person. That’s why it’s wise to start with a small dose and work up.

What Indica Strain is Most Popular?

There are various popular Indica cannabis strains, so it’s challenging to determine the most popular options. However, some popular Indica strains include Northern Lights, Blueberry, OG Kush, and Hindu Kush.

What are Some Good Cannabis Indica Strains for Anxiety?

Indica cannabis strains can be excellent marijuana types for reducing anxiety due to the higher CBD levels. Some of the strongest Indica strains for relieving anxiety are KC Kush, Purple Chem, and Power Sherb. In addition, THC gummies containing Indica can be an excellent idea for stress relief.


*Illicit Gardens does not offer medical advice. Please consult with your doctor.

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