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  • Watermelon Gushers is a hybrid that produces a delicious terpene profile and relaxing effects, a sweet treat for the late afternoon or evening. The sweet scent of Watermelon Gushers has notes of watermelon, cookies, and tropical fruits. The buds are green in color and heavily coated on sticky trichomes and amber hairs. 


    This delicious, fruity strain carries through its parents’ aroma and flavor. Breaking apart the buds produces a sweet, watermelon and cookie fragrance, laced with tropical notes. The vibrant green buds of Watermelon Gushers are saturated with clear resinous trichomes. When combusted, its fruity flavor turns earthy, with notes of fruit and citrus on the exhale. 

    Users have reported that Watermelon Gushers produces a relaxing experience that leaves you in a sleepy state, providing a euphoric body high that keeps the mind clear before drifting off to sleep. Watermelon Gushers would shine while listening to music on a rainy afternoon.

  • Gushers x Gelatti

  • Cannarado

  • Relaxing



  • Earthy, Fruity Citrus

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