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Choosing the Best Live Rosin Cartridges: How to Identify Quality

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It wasn’t very long ago that consuming cannabis only meant smoking flower in a bowl, bong, or joint. No longer! Today, cannabis comes in a variety of forms and there are so many different ways to partake. One popular modern-day cannabis consumption method is vaping. Cannabis vapes contain a cannabis concentrate that is heated, vaporized, and inhaled. Disposable vapes come pre-filled with concentrate and have an internal battery, but a more Earth-friendly option is to purchase your own rechargeable vape battery that can be used again and again with interchangeable cartridges that contain cannabis concentrate. These cartridges (also called ‘carts’) come prefilled with weed extract. If you’re looking for the purest, most potent cartridge option, ask your budtender for a live rosin cart! Read on to learn more about live rosin carts and why they’re the best.

weed plant
Live rosin carts contain all the full-spectrum magic of whole cannabis, with no additives or solvents.

What is a Live Rosin Cart?

Live rosin carts contain live rosin cannabis concentrate. Live rosin concentrate is extracted from fresh or frozen whole cannabis flower, using only heat and pressure as a solvent. Is rosin the healthiest way to smoke? Yes, many people believe so because it is a solvent-free process, so there will never be lingering chemicals in a live rosin concentrate.

Live rosin carts also give you strain-specific benefits and effects, since they contain concentrate extracted from a particular cannabis strain. Do live rosin carts hit harder? Not necessarily, but they will give you a more well-rounded high than a THC-only distillate cart due to the fact that they contain all the cannabinoids and terpenes represented in the original strain.

How strong are live rosin carts? Much stronger than flower! While cannabis buds typically contain about 15-25% THC, the concentrate in a vape cart contains up to 70% THC, so just one or two inhales will give you the high you’re looking for.

live rosin cart
Illicit’s live rosin vapes are solventless, pure, and potent.

Live Rosin vs Live Resin Carts

When shopping for cannabis vape carts, you may notice that some are called ‘live rosin’ and some are labeled ‘live resin.’ It’s not a typo– live resin and live rosin are not the same thing. So what is the difference between live resin and live rosin vape carts?

Both live resin and live rosin are extracted from whole cannabis, using processes that preserve all of the original elements in the flower– cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc. This means that they both give you a full-spectrum high, enhanced by the entourage effect.

However, while live resin is extracted using a solvent like propane or butane, live rosin is extracted via a process that uses only extreme heat and pressure, resulting in a pure, unadulterated, concentrated product.

live rosin products

Are rosin vapes better? Not necessarily, but many people are comforted by the fact that live rosin has a solvent- and chemical-free extraction process. While the propane or butane used in live resin extraction evaporates during the last stages of the process and is not present in the final product, you may prefer live rosin as a more natural alternative.

Because the live rosin extraction process is more time consuming and yields less concentrated product than live resin extraction, live rosin products tend to be more expensive.

Are live rosin carts worth it?

Most people who have tried them think so. Cannabis connoisseurs prefer live rosin carts because they:

  • Provide a longer-lasting, more dynamic high

  • Are completely pure and solvent-free

  • Have strain-specific flavor, aroma, and effects

  • Possess a complete terpene and cannabinoid profile

Best Live Rosin Carts

The best rosin cartridges come from trusted cannabis companies that oversee the entire growing, extracting, and packaging process– from seed to sale. Illicit Gardens is a perfect example of a vertically integrated business that carefully supervises and curates each of our cannabis products, from the moment we plant our seeds, all the way up until the moment you purchase one of our live rosin carts at a dispensary near you.

What is the best vape cartridge for rosin? Illicit’s line of live rosin vape cartridges is the pinnacle of quality. Our Live Rosin TPK Vape Cartridges are crafted exclusively from 100% pure, freshly frozen cannabis rosin, with absolutely no additives or fillers.

Mirroring the meticulous attention given to our concentrates, our rosin carts undergo a detailed process. We take our cold-cured live rosin badder, subject it to controlled heat and time, resulting in an optimal vaping consistency within our premium full ceramic cartridges from TPK– the most respected name in cartridge manufacturing.

tpk carts

We encourage treating Illicit live rosin cartridges with the same reverence as fine wine or aged bourbon – savoring each draw. To fully relish the terpene-rich flavor profile of our live rosin, we recommend utilizing a battery operating between 2.0v to 2.5v and inhaling slowly.

woman vaping weed
Savor the flavor of strain-specific live rosin carts from Illicit Gardens.

Find Live Rosin Carts in Missouri

If you are seeking a completely pure cannabis vape experience, a live rosin vape from Illicit Gardens will fit the bill. Do you live in Kansas City, Raytown, Independence, or Brookside? Check out our trusted dispensary partner From The Earth for a robust selection of our best live rosin carts. Or, find another Illicit Gardens retailer near you and embrace the full spectrum experience of a live rosin high!


About the Author:

David Craig is the VP of Marketing for Illicit and From The Earth. Craig has been on the ground floor of developing multiple lifestyle and retail brands in the cannabis, fitness, and entertainment industries from Las Vegas to New York City.


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