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Strawberry Float Strain: A Soothing & Euphoric Treat

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strawberry float strain
Let Strawberry Float’s sweet effects boost your mood & creativity.

What is the Strawberry Float weed strain? This fluffy, fruity cultivar grown by Illicit Gardens is one of our favorite hybrid strains. Bred from Afghani/Michigan Soda and Cookies & Cream IX3, the Strawberry Float strain features green and purple buds that are heavily frosted with sticky, potent trichomes.

The Strawberry Float weed strain releases a strong aroma of strawberries (of course), coupled with a citrusy, earthy flavor. Keep reading to discover more about the genetic composition, effects, terpene profile, and other distinctive features of this well-loved Illicit strain in our Strawberry Float strain review!

strawberry float weed strain
Frost defines the Strawberry Float strain.

The Strawberry Float Strain’s Family Tree

Illicit Gardens is known for its careful cultivation of Missouri’s best weed strains, and our Strawberry Float strain is no exception. With a varied cannabinoid profile including ample doses of THC and CBG, this top-tier cannabis strain is the outcome of blending Afghani/Michigan Soda with Cookies & Cream IX3.

The Strawberry Float weed strain features essential terpenes like caryophyllene and limonene, recognized for their anti-inflammatory properties. Limonene imparts the Strawberry Float strain with a fruity, floral aroma and invigorating qualities, while caryophyllene, humulene, myrcene, and other terpenes contribute a hint of peppery skunk and sedation.

The Strawberry Float weed strain boasts a potent THC content of about 23%. Strawberry Float is also carefully bred to exhibit elevated levels of CBG, which makes up about 1% of its cannabinoid profile. The diverse cannabinoid and terpene composition of the Strawberry Float strain provides a versatile and well-rounded hybrid high for experienced cannabis consumers.

Is Strawberry Strain Indica or Sativa?

Is the Strawberry Float strain indica or sativa? With mixed indica / hybrid genetics, the Strawberry Float strain falls into the category of an indica-dominant hybrid strain.

The predominantly indica heritage of the Strawberry Float weed strain is derived from its two renowned parent strains. One of its cultivars, the Afghani/Michigan Soda strain, is an Afghani cross. Afghani is a legendary indica. Strawberry Float’s other parent, Cookies & Cream IX3, is a cross of Starfighter and a GSC phenotype, both of which are indica-leaning hybrids.

Through the crossbreeding of these varieties, the Strawberry Float strain emerges as a powerful indica hybrid, known for its tendency to both ease anxiety and boost mood.

strawberry float illustration
Unlike some indica strains, Strawberry Float lifts us up where we belong.

Strawberry Float Strain Effects

Being an indica-dominant hybrid with significant influence from CBG, the Strawberry Float strain exhibits euphoric, creativity-boosting effects, originating from its genetic makeup and powerful terpene profile.

People who have smoked or vaped the Strawberry Float weed strain describe it as both elevating and calming. Its effects provide potent anxiety relief possibilities along with an uplifting and giggly sense of well-being. It’s like floating away on a strawberry cloud!

What is the Strawberry Float strain good for?

While lots of indicas cause intense sedation, those who indulge in the Strawberry Float strain value its uplifting qualities, which can potentially boost your mood and imagination.

Strawberry Float strain reviewers appreciate its euphoric effects, which have the potential to ease:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • PTSD

Where to Buy the Strawberry Float Strain

Illicit Gardens' Strawberry Float strain is readily available at dispensaries throughout Missouri! Our preferred dispensary partner From The Earth always carries a wide selection of Illicit strains, including Strawberry Float. This sweet, euphoric indica is conveniently offered in various forms such as flower, pre-rolls, and live resin vape cartridges.

If you are a classic cannabis smoker, opt for Strawberry Float flower to pack your bowls, bongs, & joints! The Strawberry Float weed strain is available in a variety of packaging options, which include:

About the Author:

David Craig is the VP of Marketing for Illicit and From The Earth. Craig has been on the ground floor of developing multiple lifestyle and retail brands in the cannabis, fitness, and entertainment industries from Las Vegas to New York City.


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