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The Clementine Strain: A Popular Choice

Illicit Clementine Sativa Hybrid 3.5g
Illicit Clementine Sativa Hybrid

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The Clementine Strain Overview

Clementine is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain (70% Sativa and 30% Indica). First created by cannabis breeders Crockett Family Farms, Clementine is a mixture of Tangie x Lemon Skunk, resulting in citrusy and tangy flavors that are perfect for any sweet tooth.

This strain is known for being used as remedies for many chronic health issues, such as lack of appetite, anxiety, nausea, fatigue, and depression.

Similarly, the Clementine strain is excellent for boosting energy, gaining focus, and feeling euphoric. As a result, it’s one of the top cannabis strains for increasing your body’s energy levels.

The 2015 Cannabis Cup in Michigan awarded a concentrated live resin of Clementine second place in the best Sativa category. Clementine is also easy to grow due to its robust resistance to common molds and mildew.

Clementine Strain Profile

How it Makes You Feel

The Clementine weed strain is excellent for boosting mood and energy levels due to its Sativa dominance. Many users consume this strain when dazed and unmotivated in the morning because it increases energy and focus.

The Clementine strain is 30% Indica, so you’ll feel a pleasant full-body high with a higher dose. Creative people also adore how the Clementine strain effects promote unconventional thinking.

Clementine strain effects start with euphoric emotions that launch your mood, leaving you contented, happy, and relaxed. However, you’ll also feel motivated and focused, making Clementine ideal if you have many daily tasks.

The strain is used a lot for mild to moderate depression, headaches, stress, nausea, and insomnia.

Here’s What the Clementine Strain Tastes Like

The primary Clementine flavors include citrus, lemon, and orange, making it excellent if you love sweet flavors. In addition, some users describe the taste as earthy.

One of the leading reasons Clementine finished second in the 2015 Cannabis Cup for the best Sativa was its enticing flavor.


What it Smells Like

Clementine’s aroma is a treat for anyone who loves sweetness. Aromas of lemon and orange with undertones of pine, spice, and earth give Clementine a natural fruity scent. However, you may also smell a diesel aroma when first grinding the buds.

Illicit Clementine Flower Close Up
Illicit Clementine Flower

What the Strain Looks Like

The Clementine weed strain can reach up to 80 inches in the right weather conditions when grown outdoors. A mature Clementine plant has large flowers with a thick coating of trichomes, and the leaves are yellow-green with clementine-colored pistils.

The Best Way to Consume Clementine Strain

The best way to consume the Clementine weed strain is in the morning after waking up. Although Clementine is potent and offers a powerful head high, you can still focus throughout the day without feeling sluggish.

You can consume Clementine through smoking, edibles, or vaping; it’s down to your preference.

Medicinal Benefits

If you’re battling chronic fatigue, the Clementine weed strain gives you a rapid energy boost to remove drowsiness. Shortly after, you’ll feel relaxed and uplifted, resulting in stress and anxiety relief.

Although the strain is Sativa-dominant, the Indica properties can relieve any muscular tension or inflammation.


Clementine Genetics: Lemon Skunk x Tangie

The notable Lemon Skunk and Tangie strains make up the Clementine strain. Both cannabis strains have THC content and intense flavors; they also offer feelings of happiness, euphoria, and relaxation.

Here’s a breakdown of the two parent strains:

Illicit Clementine Flower Two Tone Color

1. Lemon Skunk

Lemon Skunk—often called Lemon Skunk OG—is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain offering energizing effects and a mellow high. Similar to Clementine, Lemon Skunk’s effects are fast-hitting and strong.

2. Tangie

The Tangie weed strain is a Sativa cannabis strain made by crossing Skunk-1 and California Orange. The weed strain first became popular in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, but has since spread worldwide.

Tangie is superb for boosting your energy levels and overall mood and makes for a fantastic option for most cannabis fans.


Want to know more about another popular strain? Learn about the GMO Cookies Strain.


5 Best Activities to Pair With the Clementine Strain

1. Exercise: Clementine is perfect before a morning workout due to its energy-boosting benefits. Use this strain before a morning workout to ensure maximum performance.

2. Housework: If you need to complete housework chores, the Clementine strain is perfect because it will relax you without emptying your motivation.

3. Social Events: Clementine is excellent for socializing because it encourages deep thinking without reducing motivation and energy. It’s also superb for removing social anxiety.

4. Exploring Nature: The Clementine weed strain is perfect if you love hiking because it boosts your energy and helps you unwind in nature.

5. Creative activities: Clementine is ideal for anything creative—including writing, video making, and art—because it promotes innovative and unconventional thoughts.

Illicit Brand Clementine Cannabis Products

  • Pre-Packed 8th: The Clementine weed strain is perfect in the pre-packed 8th jar.

  • 7G Popcorn: You can purchase Clementine in the 7G Popcorn jar to enjoy its full potential.

  • 1G Prerolls: If you don’t want to roll and prefer a quick Clementine energy boost in the morning, 1G Prerolls are perfect.

  • Smokos: Try the .5g Smokos if you don’t have the time to enjoy a gram of Clementine.

  • Ready2Roll: If you enjoy rolling your cannabis, the Ready2Roll pre-ground flower jars are ideal for the Clementine strain.

  • Live Resin Vape: Choose the Live Resin Vape option if you want to vape the Clementine strain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Clementine Strain Good?

The Clementine strain is excellent if you want a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain with some Indica benefits. As a result, the weed strain is popular in the US and continues to grow globally.

Illicit Clementine Strain on a Macro View
Illicit Clementine Strain Macro

Is Clementine a Hybrid?

Clementine is a hybrid cannabis strain because it contains Sativa and Indica. However, the Clementine weed strain is Sativa-dominant (70% Sativa and 30% Indica). Therefore, you’ll experience more typical Sativa effects than Indica.

What is the Clementine Strain?

The Clementine weed strain is a hybrid strain with 70% Sativa and 30% Indica. It’s an excellent option for anyone seeking a powerful head high with some Indica benefits, such as full-body relaxation.

Find Clementine Weed Strains in Missouri

Illicit has our own Clementine strain in dispensaries throughout Missouri, including five From The Earth dispensaries.

You can shop these menus to find your favorite Illicit products near you.

Note: Linked products are from the From The Earth delivery menu. Be sure to order off the correct dispensary’s menu if you don’t want delivery.

*Illicit Gardens does not offer medical advice. Please consult with your doctor.

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About the Author:

David Craig is the VP of Marketing for Illicit and From The Earth. Craig has been on the ground floor of developing multiple lifestyle and retail brands in the cannabis, fitness, and entertainment industries from Las Vegas to New York City. He previously developed flagship properties for global group fitness concept TruFusion. Prior, he opened Drai’s Las Vegas entertainment properties and oversaw Marketing & Corporate Events.


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