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Illicit Voted Cannabis Company of the Year 2023. Here's Why.

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Who is Illicit Gardens?

Illicit Gardens is a multi-award-winning cannabis brand that grows and cultivates cannabis products and sells them in their From The Earth dispensary and other dispensaries throughout Missouri. They became Missouri’s top-selling cannabis brand in 2021 and one of Missouri’s most successful brands.

Illicit Gardens has won several awards for its excellent cannabis products in 2023including Company of the Year, Best Packaging Design, Best New Product of the Year, and Best Vape in the Greenway Readers Choice Awards after readers cast over 100,000 votes in December 2022.

Similarly, Illicit Gardens is a robust advocate of criminal justice reform for cannabis offenders, especially the release of POWs; they’ve donated over $100,000 since 2020 to local and national cause like Last Prisoner Project. Those efforts are highlighted in their 2022 Freedoms Campaign. The campaign, through a series of interviews with 8 cannabis POWs, focuses on the unfair criminal justice system that disproportionately condemns cannabis offenders.

Illicit Wins 4 Readers Choice Awards

The Greenway Magazine asks its readers to nominate companies, brands, leaders, and products they feel are the best in the cannabis industry. In turn, the top nominees for each category receive votes from Greenway Magazine readers.

Illicit won these four awards for 2023 after Greenway readers submitted 100,000 votes:

1. Company of the Year

The Greenway Magazine awarded Illicit Gardens with the Company of the Year in the Greenway Readers Choice Awards for its premium cannabis, consistency, and powerful brand message.

2. Best Packaging Design

Illicit Smokos Mix Tape pre-rolls - won best packaging design
Illicit Smokos Mix Tape preroll cassettes won "Best Packaging Design" for 2023

Illicit was awarded the Best Packaging Design in the Greenway Readers Choice Awards for its creative and easy-to-use packaging. Among the best-selling pre-rolls in the state, Illicit’s Smokos preroll cassettes area an industry favorite.

3. Best New Product of the Year: Illicit Live Rosin

Illicit Live Rosin won best product of the year
Illicit Live Rosin won Product of the Year 2023

The Greenway Magazine awarded Illicit Gardens the Product of the Year Award for their Illicit Live Rosin. Illicit Gardens creates its live products with a solventless process using ice water and agitation to ensure a full-spectrum experience.

After that, Illicit applies low heat and gentle pressure to create the live rosin, resulting in full-spectrum flavors and the preservation of the cannabinoids and terpenes.

By preserving the cannabinoids and terpenes of the marijuana plant, the cannabis retains the complete symphony of the notes throughout the harvest process. Illicit sells Live Rosin as Cold Cured, Vape Carts, Bubble Hash, and Jam.

4. Best Vape - Live: Live Resin Purple Chem

Illicit Live Resin Purple Chem won Best Vape Live 2023
Illicit Live Resin Purple Chem: Best Vape Live 2023

The Greenway Magazine awarded Illicit Gardens the Best Vape Award for Best Vape - Live: Live Resin Purple Chem. The Purple Chem cannabis strain is an Indica-dominant strain combining Stardawg x Purple Punch.

The strain provides feelings of euphoria, happiness, and energy; it also offers spicy, herbal, diesel, and grape flavors. In addition, the Purple Chem strain is magnificent for stress relief due to its Indica dominance, relieving chronic pain, and promoting better sleep for those battling insomnia.

One of the best ways to consume Purple Chem is through a vape pen. The main benefits of vaping Purple Chem include a lighter smell, lower carcinogens, a better taste, and more convenience.

See what else Illicit is up to in our Press Room.

How to Use an Illicit Live Rosin Cart

A Live Rosin Vape Cartridge is great for vaping cannabis. However, there are some things you should consider to achieve the best results from your vape cartridge:

1. Avoid Overheating

It’s essential to prevent your Live Rosin Vape Cartridge from overheating.

  1. Take slow draws to enjoy the complete flavor profile of each cannabis strain.

  2. Allow the cartridge to cool down between draws.

  3. Use 2.0-2.5v on your battery to stop overheating and degradation.

2. Stop Clogging

Rosin oil is typically thicker than other live resin alternatives and cured distillate. You should hold the vape cart in your hand for around 60 seconds. That way, you’ll raise the temperature slowly and allow the cart to loosen. Repeat this process until the oil flows willingly into the heating element.

3. Store Properly

You probably already know the importance of storing your cannabis flowers carefully, and your vape carts are no different. You should store your carts upright, avoid storing them at temperatures under 50 degrees and over 80 degrees, and thwart light exposure to prevent degrading the cannabinoids.


Learn More About the Illicit Purple Chem Strain

Watch and listen to Leo Mancuso as he talks about one of his favorite Illicit weed strains, Purple Chem.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Purple Chem a Sativa?

The Purple Chem strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain combining Stardawg x Purple Punch. Although the Purple Chem strain has Sativa properties, it’s primarily an Indica strain, meaning it’s excellent for a full-body high. In addition, Purple Chem offers stress and anxiety relief, feelings of euphoria, and overall relaxation.

Illicit Purple Chem Cannabis Flower on a black record
Illicit Purple Chem Cannabis Flower

How Long is Flowering Time for Purple Chem?

The Purple Chem strain has a flowering time of 8-9 weeks. Therefore, the strain is excellent if you want to grow your cannabis quickly and effectively. The strain can yield as much as 27 ounces per square meter if you harvest properly.

Is Purple Chem Good for Anxiety?

If you're looking for a cannabis strain that can help with anxiety, Purple Chem is a great choice. The strain is an Indica-dominant strain with potent Sativa properties. As a result, it can give you an excellent full-body high that’s perfect for relieving anxiety and making you feel more present.

Macro view of Illicit Purple Chem Strain
Macro view of Illicit Purple Chem Strain

What Strains are Purple Chem?

The Purple Chem strain is a cannabis strain that combines Stardawg x Purple Punch. Here’s a breakdown of the two parent strains:

1. Stardawg: The Stardawg strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain (60% Indica and 40% Sativa) that offers a full-body high with feelings of euphoria and energy.

2. Purple Punch: The Purple Punch strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain (80% Indica and 20% Sativa) that offers a full-body high that helps with stress, sleep, insomnia, and anxiety.

What are Purple Strains Good for?

The Purple Chemdawg strain is excellent for elevating your mood and removing stress. The top reported strain effects include euphoria, happiness, and talkativeness.

Due to the Indica-dominance, the Purple Chem strain can also provide an excellent full-body high at larger doses, a perfect side effect for anyone battling inflammation and chronic pain.

Is Chemdawg More Sativa or Indica?

The Purple Chemdawg strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain. Therefore, it’s more Indica than Sativameaning the Purple Chemdawg strain is more calming and relaxing instead of energizing and invigorating.

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About the Author:

David Craig is the VP of Marketing for Illicit and From The Earth. Craig has been on the ground floor of developing multiple lifestyle and retail brands in the cannabis, fitness, and entertainment industries from Las Vegas to New York City. He previously developed flagship properties for global group fitness concept TruFusion. Prior, he opened Drai’s Las Vegas entertainment properties and oversaw Marketing & Corporate Events.


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