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Cheers! Meet Our New Catalina Wine Mixer Strain

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Introducing Catalina Wine Mixer, the newest premium strain from Illicit. This innovative cultivar is a cross between the Sunset Sherbet and Purple Punch strains, producing lavish, resinous buds that display a rich array of verdant hues. Each bud is coated with a sparkling layer of white trichomes, making the Catalina Wine Mixer strain a true representation of elegance and fun.

One of Illicit’s best hybrid strains, Catalina Wine Mixer is a festival of aromas and tastes! It features a rich blend of juicy grape, berry, and lemon/citrus notes, enriched with hints of skunky earthiness. The Catalina Wine Mixer strain’s sweet medley of flavors will keep you coming back for more.

The Catalina Wine Mixer strain is crafted to transport you to the ultimate heights of relaxation and euphoria. Continue reading to discover more about its genetic background, potential effects, terpene profile, and distinctive characteristics of the latest groundbreaking strain from Illicit!

catalina wine mixer strain
The Catalina Wine Mixer strain features a vibrant array of colors, aromas, and flavors.

What is the Catalina Wine Mixer Strain?

Illicit is celebrated for its premium Missouri cannabis strains, and we've once again reached new heights with our latest creation. The Catalina Wine Mixer strain, expertly developed by cross-breeding Sunset Sherbet and Purple Punch, features a powerful cannabinoid and terpene profile.

The Catalina Wine Mixer strain features a diverse terpene mix, highlighted by significant levels of caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene. Caryophyllene offers up a spicy, peppery aroma while limonene provides refreshing citrus notes. Humulene contributes a subtle, earthy undertone.

Caryophyllene offers anti-inflammatory and pain-relief benefits, and humulene contributes antibacterial effects. Together with the mood-enhancing and stress-reducing qualities of limonene, these terpenes help the Catalina Wine Mixer strain stand out as an excellent option for both relaxation and inspiration.

Is Catalina Wine Mixer a Sativa or Indica?

Is the Catalina Wine Mixer strain an indica or a sativa? Renowned for its deep relaxation effects along with uplifting qualities, Illicit’s newest favorite strain is considered a well-balanced hybrid.

Catalina Wine Mixer derives its genetics from two distinguished indica-dominant strains. Sunset Sherbet comes from a mix of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. Its other progenitor, the hybrid Purple Punch strain, stems from combining the Larry OG strain with Granddaddy Purple.

Through skillful blending of these soothing and cheering strains, Illicit has crafted the Catalina Wine Mixer strain—a potent hybrid celebrated for its euphoric qualities coupled with serene relaxation.

Effects of the Catalina Wine Mixer Strain

What are the effects of the Catalina Wine Mixer strain? Known as one of our most soothing varieties, this unique cultivar provides calming effects that enhance mental and physical well-being, thanks to its genetic makeup and rich terpene profile. Users experience a gentle onset of relaxation, paired with an overall sense of mood-boosting satisfaction.

Drawing on its indica heritage, the Catalina Wine Mixer strain starts with a cerebral effect that smoothly shifts to the body, relieving muscle tension and strain. While Catalina Wine Mixer offers a comforting and serene physical sensation, it also provides a positive state of mind and lifts your spirits.

Users of the Catalina Wine Mixer strain report its effects as:

  • Relaxed

  • Euphoric

  • Uplifted

catalina wine mixer strain illustration

Buy the Catalina Wine Mixer Strain in Missouri

It’s time to discover one of Illicit's best hybrid strains! Catalina Wine Mixer is now available at dispensaries throughout Missouri. Visit From The Earth, our esteemed dispensary partner, for a wide range of Illicit strains. They offer Catalina Wine Mixer and other top-tier Illicit products including strains, pre-rolls, and live resin vape cartridges for your pleasure.

Looking for Catalina Wine Mixer flower? Explore the variety of packaging options offered by Illicit! Like our other high-quality weed strains, Catalina Wine Mixer comes in several packaging formats for purchase:

If smoking isn't your preference, try a live resin vape cartridge made with full-spectrum extract from the Catalina Wine Mixer strain! Live resin provides extensive benefits, encompassing a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, which results in a more complete entourage effect compared to smoking.

What are Illicit’s Best Hybrid Strains?

Interested in discovering the best hybrid strains with fruity flavors and balanced effects similar to Catalina Wine Mixer? If you're searching for a soothing yet uplifting strain and can’t find the Catalina Wine Mixer strain at your local Missouri dispensary, consider these other sweet and serene, joy-boosting hybrid strains from Illicit:

Discover the extensive selection of Illicit products at From The Earth, featuring our top-quality cannabis strains and other weed products at competitive prices. From The Earth offers a wide array of Illicit options including flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, vapes, edibles, and more!


FAQs About the Catalina Wine Mixer Strain

What is the Catalina Wine Mixer strain?

The Catalina Wine Mixer strain is a premium hybrid developed by Illicit, created through the cross-breeding of Sunset Sherbet and Purple Punch. It is known for its lavish, resinous buds, rich terpene profile, and a festival of grape, berry, and citrus flavors.

What effects can be expected from the Catalina Wine Mixer strain?

This strain is celebrated for delivering profound relaxation coupled with euphoric and uplifting effects. It enhances mental and physical well-being, starting with a cerebral impact that eases into soothing body relaxation.

Is the Catalina Wine Mixer strain an indica or sativa?

Despite its deep relaxation effects, the Catalina Wine Mixer strain is a well-balanced hybrid, drawing genetics from two indica-dominant strains, making it suitable for those seeking both relaxation and a mood boost.

Where can I buy the Catalina Wine Mixer strain in Missouri?

The Catalina Wine Mixer strain is available at various dispensaries across Missouri, including From The Earth, which offers a wide selection of Illicit’s products in different forms such as flower, pre-rolls, and live resin vape cartridges.

What are the terpenes in the Catalina Wine Mixer strain, and what benefits do they offer?

The strain features a diverse terpene mix with high levels of caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene. Caryophyllene adds a spicy aroma and offers pain relief, limonene provides a citrusy note and stress relief, and humulene adds an earthy undertone with antibacterial properties.

What are some other best hybrid strains from Illicit similar to the Catalina Wine Mixer?

For those interested in similar effects and flavors as the Catalina Wine Mixer strain, Illicit also offers other hybrid strains like Dole Whip, Gelato #33, and Strawberry OG, all known for their balanced effects and fruity flavors.

What product forms are available for the Catalina Wine Mixer strain?

The Catalina Wine Mixer strain is available in various formats including pre-packed eighths, 7g premium popcorn, Smokos pre-rolls, and Ready 2 Roll ground flower. For non-smokers, full-spectrum live resin vape cartridges are also available.


Why Trust Illicit Gardens

Illicit Gardens is known in the cannabis market for our commitment to quality and our award-winning products, including "Best Flower," "Best Concentrate," and "Cultivator of the Year." Our responsible cultivation and unique processing methods, including hand trimming, ensure the highest product standards. Beyond this, we're deeply invested in advocacy and community, collaborating with organizations like the Last Prisoner Project to support cannabis reform and criminal justice. Trust us for our excellence in both products and social responsibility.

About Illicit Gardens

Illicit offers premium cannabis to more than 100 dispensaries across Missouri, challenges legal paradoxes, and champions criminal justice reform. By ensuring top-quality cultivation and advocating for policy change, we address the adverse impacts of outdated cannabis laws and educate on its benefits, collaborating with key advocacy and reform groups to inspire the question, 'Why is cannabis illicit?'

About the Author

David Craig is the VP of Marketing for Illicit and From The Earth. Craig has been on the ground floor of developing multiple lifestyle and retail brands in the cannabis, fitness, and entertainment industries from Las Vegas to New York City.

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