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Bop Gun Weed Strain Review: A Blast From the Past

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Are you ready to take flight from life’s worries? Bop Gun will get you on the highway to the relaxation zone! What strain is Bop Gun? This Illicit-grown strain stands out as a highly sought-after cultivar in our assortment of premium Missouri strains. Combining the appealing characteristics of the Do-Si-Dos and Papaya strains, the Bop Gun weed strain (also known as BopGun) features large green & purple buds adorned with orange hairs and abundant resinous trichomes.

This tasty strain exudes a fruity & funky combination of papaya, pepper, and cheese flavors, complemented by a skunky, earthy aroma. Keep reading to discover additional details about the genetics, effects, terpene profile, and other aspects of the well-loved Bop Gun strain.

bop gun weed
Get in the pilot’s seat with the Bop Gun weed strain from Missouri master growers Illicit Gardens.

Bop Gun Strain Genetics

At Illicit Gardens, we are proud to carefully cultivate the premium hybrid cannabis cultivar strain known as the Bop Gun strain. Bop Gun is a fusion of famous indica strains Papaya and Do-Si-Dos. The primary terpenes found in Bop Gun include caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene, all of which possess anti-inflammatory properties. Bop Gun's vibrant fruit flavor and invigorating qualities stem from the limonene, while its other terpenes contribute a spicy/funky undertone and soothing effects.

In terms of cannabinoids, the Bop Gun weed strain boasts a strong THC content, reaching approximately 27%. The diverse cannabinoid and terpene profile of Bop Gun ensures a dynamic and well-rounded high.

Is the Bop Gun Strain Indica or Sativa?

Bop Gun is categorized as an indica hybrid strain because while it inherits both indica (80%) and sativa (20%) genetics, its alleviating effects tend toward the indica side.

The Bop Gun strain’s indica lineage comes from both sides of the family. One of its parent plants is the Papaya strain, which is a product of crossing potent indicas Citral and Ice. Bop Gun’s other parent, Do Si Dos, is an indica-dominant hybrid due to its heritage of OGKB (hybrid) and indica Face Off OG (indica).

The combination of predominantly indica hybrid genetics makes Bop Gun an indica-dominant hybrid with a calming set of effects.

bop gun weed strain illustration
When you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling, turn to Bop Gun for a pick-me-up.

Effects of the Bop Gun Strain

As an indica-dominant hybrid, the Bop Gun weed strain showcases soothing effects derived from its genetic makeup and potent terpene composition.

Those who have experienced the Bop Gun strain often describe it as simultaneously uplifting and relaxing. Its effects provide potential pain relief and a euphoric body buzz. While BopGun is decidedly indica, its effects allow you to maintain productivity and boost creativity, all while enjoying its calming nature.

Thanks to its stress-relieving qualities that don’t hinder your ability to get work done, the Bop Gun weed strain is a daytime favorite among “productive stoners.”

Enthusiasts of Bop Gun report that it provides relief for:

  • Stress

  • Pain

  • Insomnia

  • Nausea

Where to Find the Bop Gun Strain

The Bop Gun weed strain is grown by Illicit Gardens, so it is available at dispensaries throughout Missouri, including our preferred dispensary partner, From The Earth. Illicit’s Bop Gun strain is available as flower, pre-rolls, and live resin vape cartridges.

Bop Gun buds are ideal for packing in pipes, bongs, or joints. Illicit offers several different convenient packaging options for our strains, including:

smokos pre-roll 5-pack
A Smokos Pre-Rolls 5-pack is a convenient way to take Bop Gun on-the-go.

The Bop Gun strain is also available to purchase in Illicit Live Resin Vape Cartridges. Vaping the Bop Gun weed strain will give you its fast-acting, full-spectrum benefits without the smoke.

What strain is Bop Gun similar to? If Bop Gun is sold out but you’re looking for soothing indica effects while maintaining focus, check out one of these top-tier alternatives from Illicit:

Shop Illicit products at From The Earth for the best selection and prices, or find another Missouri dispensary near you that carries Illicit strains, pre-rolls, concentrates, vapes, edibles, and more!


About the Author:

David Craig is the VP of Marketing for Illicit and From The Earth. Craig has been on the ground floor of developing multiple lifestyle and retail brands in the cannabis, fitness, and entertainment industries from Las Vegas to New York City.


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