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  • Super Petrol delivers a gassy dose of dankness that stimulates the appetite and aids in  sleep. An Indica hybrid, Super Petrol is a cross between GMO and the iconic Rocket fuel.  This is a great choice after work, or before heading to bed. Expect sedation, add in  munchies, and lock into ultimate comfort. The couch-locked feeling associated with this  strain is highly sought out, and well worth the endeavor. 

    These buds may be smaller but maintain a high density, packing a pleasant punch. The  rounded structure is indicative of the heavy Indica genes this strain holds. Crystals lay  upon the edge of the bud, inviting you to the potent, head spinning high it has to offer. 


    Super Petrol has an earthy diesel aroma with a skunky undertone. The overwhelming  fuel-like odor knocks you back before inviting you back into its warming embrace. Its  lineage carries over hints of garlic and onion, and just like GMO, brings on a strong  appetite. 

    A true stress reliever, the strain helps calm the mind before bed, making Super Petrol a  top choice for those struggling with insomnia. The heavy sedative has been reported to  relieve pain, releasing a wave of euphoric relaxation. Known to activate strong cravings,  this strain also has potential to help those seeking to improve their appetite. 

  •  [GMO] x [GMO x Rocket Fuel] (Reported)

  • Moscaseeds

  • Tingly



  • Diesel, Skunk, Spicy/Herbal, Cheese

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