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  • Donny Burger, a pure indica strain, combines the potency of GMO and Han Solo Burger to deliver a blend of cerebral elevation and bodily relaxation. This delectable bud induces an immediate sense of happiness upon exhaling, banishing negative moods and racing thoughts. Its sociable and charismatic effects encourage engaging interactions with others. As a light physical tingle gradually spreads, a feeling of stimulation and relaxation ensues, perfect for addressing inflammation, chronic pain, insomnia, depression, and chronic stress.

    With a flavor profile characterized by spicy, peppery, cheesy citrus notes, complemented by earthy undertones, Donny Burger emits an aroma of pungent spicy black licorice, enhanced by hints of tangy sour citrus. Its oversized, grape-shaped neon green nugs feature fuzzy orange hairs and a generous coating of frosty, chunky golden white crystal trichomes.

    Credited to Skunk House Genetics as the original breeder, Donny Burger stands as a go-to choice for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a balance of mental and physical relief, renowned for its potency and therapeutic effects. This strain offers a flavorful and satisfying experience that leaves users uplifted and relaxed in equal measure.

  • GMO x Han Solo Burger

  • Skunk House Genetics

  • Relaxed



  • Musky, Sweet Cheese, Lemon Pepper



Donny Burger

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